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Your team can be quickly supported by additional specialists – we therefore offer very fast reaction times also in case of a very tight schedules


GFE Solutions flexibly responds to customers’ needs. We fully adapt to the working mode and style of our customers and support your team at any time at any place in the world


Our services are very competitively priced to any of our customers


About us

GFE Solutions is a specialized engineering services company. Our engineers are mainly from Eastern Europe – to our customers we offer onsite- and offsite-engineering-services. All our specialists speak and write fluently English, some of them German and other languages.
Our customers are mainly from machine building, automotive and steel processing industry. Most of them are from Germany and other EU-countries. Some companies have outsourced their whole engineering department to us, while others are using GFE Solutions for special project or simple engineering support. We only recruit fully experienced engineers from Eastern Europe. Many of them hold several diploma and are specialists in their qualifications. GFE Solutions also has long-established partnerships with most well-known technical universities.


Aleksander Goncharenko
Head of Project Management
Denys Kosykh
Chief Design Engineer
Hanna Goncharenko
Head of Recruitment and Qualification

The Engineering market in Ukraine

Ukraine is well known for the outsourcing of IT services. There are many very professional companies who successfully work for global enterprises and are pioneers in software and digital developments.
The BPO market for engineering services is a new and upcoming market in our country. GFE Solutions is a front-runner in this market.
In Ukraine, in 2017, 92 technical universities with levels 3 and 4 of accreditation were issued by 16214 graduates, including 118 doctoral students according to the Ukrainian statistics service.
In 2018, two of Ukrainian technical universities were in the ranking of the best universities in the world according to The QS World University Rankings
Ukraine has developed engineering industries, including aeronautics, aerospace, metallurgy, and military industries, in which university graduates gain their practical experience.
Mechanical engineering and metal processing have always been the strengths of Ukrainian specialists.


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