Services we can provide

Design engineering support

We provide design engineering support for the creation of parts, assemblies and mechanisms in the mechanical engineering industry. Development is carried out in accordance with international, government and industry standards.

CNC machine programming

Development of programmes for CNC machines based on 3D models and drawings. Programming, troubleshooting and reconfiguration of post-processors that significantly expand the capabilities of existing CNC machines.

Strength analysis calculations

Expert calculations of structural strength, presented in several versions, depending on the shape and material of the part, are extremely voluminous and require plug-ins to complement engineering programs.

PLC programming, commissioning

PLC programming is not just a series of operations to prepare the code in the best language for the equipment, but a series of solutions for analysing, setting, testing and commissioning the PLC to optimise the production processes and the continuous operation of the equipment.

Production technologies development

Production technologies development is a scope of services for creating methods for products manufacturing and integration into the activity of industrial and production enterprises.

Our latest cases

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Luehr filter
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