0.04, which is spoiling life

7 mins.

January 27, 2022

Do you think that using hundreds of different languages throughout the world is the only problem for work and communication?

There is another difficult hurdle for engineers – the Imperial and Metric systems of measurement, and especially the conversion of one to another (and now all the engineers are thrown into a sweat)
And everything would be fine if 1 inch equaled 2.5 cm. But no: 1 inch = 2.54 cm.
And those 0.04 cm are spoiling the lives of engineers (and not only their) all over the world.

Here are some facts:
The meter was created using the circumference of the Earth as it goes from the North Pole through Paris, France and to the equator.
Metric units are easy to convert by multiplying or dividing by 10.
There is no easy way to convert imperial units.

But that’s not all. The format of permissible deviations is recorded in different ways. The people who use the imperial system state the limits of the permissible dimension, whereas we in the metric system state the nominal dimension and the permissible deviations from it. And it is worth bearing in mind that this also needs to be converted from inches.

Also, the majority of all purchased details can be easily bought in the USA, but in Europe you should take the time to find counterparts. An example is that electric motors in the USA and Europe operate at different frequencies of 60 Hz and 50 Hz respectively.

Fortunately, we have an experience in converting the imperial system to the metric system. And even with the parts available in Europe. We know how to round off correctly so that it goes where it should go and doesn’t fall out of where it shouldn’t.

GFE engineers – we convert to make it work!


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