Bicycle inside

4 mins.

August 19, 2021

There are two timeless things – the universe and Cannondale frames. Although it hasn’t been proven yet about the universe 😉
Cannondale’s premium frames are handmade, however, a lifetime warranty is given to all frames.
This year Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is celebrating its 50th anniversary. And since our company charter and all existing documents spell out the undeniable love and worship of bicycles, we couldn’t miss such an important date.
We took one of Cannondale’s bikes apart and just look how good it turned out 😉
Cannondale mountain bikes have won: 11 World Championships, 17 World Cups, 16 National Championships and two Olympic gold medals. On road cycling Cannondale riders have won over 10 stages of the Le Tour de France, 30 stages of the Giro d’Italia The brand is a multi-award winner in categories such as: innovation, technology, design and best bike of the year.
Imagine how many people these bikes have helped them fulfil their dreams!


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