Chess and Engineering

4 mins.

June 10, 2021

“Checkmate”, he said and demonstratively went out from the table. Chess is definetly not a game where you need to live a moment like teaches Buddha. It’s a longtime game with planning and thinking through the maximal number of moves up front. First move might act on the game process and of cource result. Exactly like in engineering. Designing is just the first stage, but it’s leading on the final product success. Thats why engineers mustn’t only think through everything to the finest details, but predict up front, which problems might occur and solve them before they come.

We’re burning for the work taking it kinda gambling which sucks us in. Our job is not limited with office walls or time lapses, we’re hungry for victory.

But only the difference between our work and playing chess is in that we are not competitors but likeminded people who want to win together.

(playng music OST “Avengers” where they together go fight)

At the end we’re going to say “checkmate” when our drawings will become the materialized working thing. But we won’t stop on this, ’cause “Show must go on”.


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