GFE Team: Oleh Panchenko

5 mins.

May 7, 2024

Introducing Oleh Panchenko, our dynamic Design Engineer, who graduated from KPI specializing in Tool Systems and Technologies of Parts Forming. Oleh’s passion for CAD blossomed during his time at university, leading him to actively participate in an online conference on emerging trends in the field. His professional journey includes significant contributions to a startup, where he authored a comprehensive manual on the Onshape cloud-based CAD system and engineered an automated solution for designing configurable conveyors.

Oleh’s eclectic interests add a unique flavor to his persona. An avid eSports enthusiast from his university days, he also indulges in the culinary arts, experimenting with exotic dishes and delighting in his cooking skills. A true cat lover, Oleh stays close to his passions outside of work, including following Formula 1 racing and appreciating high-quality sound systems and PC peripherals. In his free moments, he still finds time for PC gaming, blending his professional acumen with his personal hobbies. Oleh’s multifaceted interests and expertise make him an invaluable asset to our team.


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