How to work with an outsourcing company

10 mins.

July 15, 2021

We won’t give an definite answer to the question of long-distance love, but we can safely say that long-distance work is very productive.
We have been working remotely even before it became mainstream (remember those great times before the pandemic).
So, how to work with an outsourcing company tell our Olesia Suprunenko.
1. In general, how is the communication carried out, how often?
All of our engineers speak English and most of them also speak German. Therefore there is no language barrier. We agree on the frequency of the video meetings with the client company and adjust it to their schedule. Also we can fly for example to Germany just on the next day. There are regular flights from Kiev every day.
2. How precise should be the technical requirements of the client?
One of the advantages of working with an outsourcing company is that the whole process is systematised.
We are ready to work both with a lack and with a surplus of data. We organise these data in such a way that it not only makes life easier for us, but also for the internal employees of the client’s company. Often systematisation helps to solve tasks that seemed difficult until recently.
3. How to protect the data?
We guarantee maximum security.
We work with our client’s software, where they can oversee our work and restrict access to particularly sensitive information.
We also sign a non-disclosure agreement in conjunction with lawyers and control that information is not shared even within our company.
4. What are the advantages of working with an outsourcing company?
If you work with outsourcing company, you don’t have to hire new employees, register them, pay taxes for each employee and provide social benefits.
We take care of the required amount of people on a project and are responsible for deadlines.
We want to show you first-hand how much better it is to work with an outsourcing company. Therefore, let’s do projects together!


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