Interview with Lukas Jochimek

6 mins.

January 12, 2023

We thank Lukas Jochimek, Technical Manager at Schauenburg Maschinen- und Anlagen-Bau GmbH for appreciating cooperation with GFE Solutions.
Q: For what issue did you come to us?
Lukas Jochimek is answer:
Expansion of our construction capacities.
Q: Why did you choose to work with us, what makes our offer stand out among our competitors?
Lukas Jochimek is answer:
You seemed to be a young, motivated Team and except your professional expertise, your personal commitment made me confident to work with you.
Q: What did you appreciate the most about working with us?
Lukas Jochimek is answer:
Clear Communication on a regular base.
Q: How quickly did our team respond to your question or concern?
Lukas Jochimek is answer:
Without any complain.
Q: Were your expectations of working with us justified?
Lukas Jochimek is answer:
Q: Was there anything you would like to change in our collaboration, what to improve?
Lukas Jochimek is answer:
Dataexchange with several Datamanegment systems.
Q: In your opinion, what services or functions are lacking in GFE?
Lukas Jochimek is answer:
Dynamic Symulation.
Every feedback like this is very inspiring for us. We are grateful to Schauenburg Maschinen- und Anlagen-Bau GmbH for the opportunity to work with such a leading European company!


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