Interview with Lys Wilkening

6 mins.

February 2, 2023

Lys Wilkening, Team Leader Design Department at FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH, shares her feedback on the cooperation with GFE Solutions.
Q: For what issue did you come to us?
Lys Wilkening is answer:
We needed some assistance in our main building groups to change their design or to change the profiles and materials for the same shape.
Q: Why did you choose to work with us, what makes our offer stand out among our competitors?
Lys Wilkening is answer:
We would be liars if we would not mention that the price for the design works is good for us.
Q: What did you appreciate the most about working with us?
Lys Wilkening is answer:
The quality of the results improve from project to project and talking about changes or improvements is easy for us as there is a keen perception of things of GFE side.
Q: How quickly did our team respond to your question or concern?
Lys Wilkening is answer:
It is easy working with you as the communication is floating permanently and on different channels: short messages, meetings, phone calls.
And the language is not a problem at all.
Q: Were your expectations of working with us justified?
Lys Wilkening is answer:
Yes, we are satisfied to have a partner in GFE fulfilling our requirements without big efforts from our side. Mistakes are included, but each only once.
Q: Was there anything you would like to change in our collaboration, what to improve?
Lys Wilkening is answer:
We are absolutely okay with that kind of relationship. But the advantage to have one single contact person is also our fear: what happens if our contact gets ill for a longer time or is absent for other reasons?
We appreciate our clients and are very grateful for the feedback on working with us. GFE Solutions is always ready keep up with our clients and change for an even more fruitful cooperation!


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