Interview with Sebastian Schuelke

6 mins.

March 23, 2023

Sebastian Schuelke, Managing Director at SICON GmbH, had the opportunity to evaluate the cooperation with GFE Solutions.

Q: What issue did you come to us with?
Sebastian Schuelke’s answer:
We were in need of help with our design department ressources and we had to move fast, internal ressources were not available and GFE was able to help quickly and competent.

Q: Why did you decide to cooperate with us? What makes our offer superior to those of our competitors?
Sebastian Schuelke’s answer:
GFE works with dedication to the very needs of its customers, has a variety of specialists and has offered a fair price on a transparent basis.

Q: What did you appreciate most about working with us?
Sebastian Schuelke’s answer:
Responsitivity, Loyalty, Speed and Price.

Q: How quickly did our team respond to your questions or concerns?
Sebastian Schuelke’s answer:
Very fast, which was one of the most important reasons to work with GFE.

Q: Did the cooperation with us meet your expectations?
Sebastian Schuelke’s answer:

Q: What would you like to change or improve in our collaboration?
Sebastian Schuelke’s answer:
The quantity of hours needed for a specific job could be determined in advanced where possible.

Q: What other services would you like us to provide for you?
Sebastian Schuelke’s answer:
More jobs in the future both on project basis and also on a regular basis as long as prices can be kept on an even level.

Q: If you would like, please share your wishes, impressions, any of your ideas.
Sebastian Schuelke’s answer:
Please keep your attitude to really listen and understand our needs, we really feel understood and the way of cooperating is professional and friendly at the same time.

We are very grateful to Sebastian Schuelke for the feedback on working with us!


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