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Project start date: 08/2022
Project launch time, months: 2
Number of completed tasks: 31
Number of flights: 0


  • Autodesk Inventor



We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with SICON GmbH, a leading company that builds lines for shredding and sorting scrap metal. Founded in 1998 as a planning and consulting office, SICON today offers as a manufacturer and supplier the complete spectrum of scrap and metal processing, ranging from shredding to the separation of all materials according to type.

We started our cooperation in August 2022 to design a frame for their machine. We were making 3D models and drawings, as well as making drawings from already completed 3D models. When they realised that we were doing quality and fast, they gave us a project to modify the design of the Sorting Machine.

And from January 2023 GFE team produced a modification to a laser sorting machine, as well as a metalwork design project for their entire line. For a better visualization of the sorting machine line we make presentations in the form of videos.

We consider our partnership with SICON GmbH a great success, and we are proud to be part of their journey. Their commitment to delivering high-quality technology solutions is truly inspiring, and we are honored to have played a role in their mission to make the world a better place.

Involved Specialties

Stage of execution

Define a perfect team lead

The best team lead has all the relevant technical skills. He is a strong leader, who is also interested and highly motivated in the area of our customer’s activity.

Involve qualified engineers

After the first examination, we form a suitable team for each case together with the team lead. We involve released engineers or recruit new team members.

Analysis of the customer approach

Here we study all internal technical and organizational peculiarities in order to fully adapt our working style to the customer

Start remote work

Now we are able to offer an excellent remote service

Increase number of engineers

Usually customers want to increase the engineering capacity