Project Details

Project start date: 01/2023

Project launch time, months: 12

Number of completed tasks: 2

Number of flights: 3


  • Siemens NX
  • Vericut



Since 2021, GFE Solutions and WALDRICH COBURG have had a productive working relationship. The company WALDRICH COBURG manufactures large machine tools, especially gantry-type milling machines. On request, they can also carry out the technology for a customer’s specific workpiece (tool selection, tooling, writing a control program). For GFE Solutions this was an important point in company’s development – it took us a long time to enter into a cooperation with such a large company as WALDRICH COBURG.

WALDRICH COBURG were looking for an international engineering partner who could support their applications team with several services in the design engineering of large machine tools and very complex machining processes. “GFE’s mindset is impressive, their references were excellent but the key fact was: they were able to offer a full line support from mechanical engineering, software engineering, NC programming and world wide on site commissioning.” said Daniel Ilge, Head of Technology & Product Management at WALDRICH COBURG GmbH.

“I really appreciate GFE’s flexibility and openness for new challenges. They are not afraid to start a new journey.If I think about the external circumstances of the project we started together, we reached a learning curve and relating results that I did personally not expect.”

Involved Specialties

Stage of execution

Define a perfect team lead

The best team lead has all the relevant technical skills. He is a strong leader, who is also interested and highly motivated in the area of our customer’s activity.

Involve qualified engineers

After the first examination, we form a suitable team for each case together with the team lead. We involve released engineers or recruit new team members.

Analysis of the customer approach

Here we study all internal technical and organizational peculiarities in order to fully adapt our working style to the customer

Start remote work

Now we are able to offer an excellent remote service

Increase number of engineers

Usually customers want to increase the engineering capacity.