Viktor Saltovskyi

Design Engineer
201/203, Kharkivske shose, Kyiv
Life is like a ping-pong game - the main thing is to serve correctly and clearly

Victor Saltovskiy is good at serving both in the game and in life ;)

Viktor studied at NTU KhPI: the place where you get a good technical knowledge base. After his studies he took part in many engineering projects and gained a lot of experience. For the last few years Victor has become an indispensable part of the GFE team.

Victor’s most global creative projects are his two daughters ;) He is also fascinated by technology, interior design, renovation and creating various interesting things with his own hands. He plays ping-pong, swims and travels. Like most of our employees, he enjoys cycling.

P.S. Having a cat adds a few more pluses to Victor’s positive image;)