Management Efficiency

Management Efficiency

The management structure of GFE-Solutions is built so that it takes into account the characteristics of each customer individually. The team lead is a responsible technical manager, who is appointed for each client.

The team lead regulates the group of engineers which is involved in the project in accordance with the tasks assigned to them by the customer. The interaction algorithm in the working groups has exercised clearly, it allows to adapt quickly the work schedule in accordance with the project’s milestones.

Cooperation with GFE-Solutions can be carried out in different directions, but in any case, the working group always acts under the clear management. Close communication is ensured by an effective management system. Each engineer constantly keeps in touch with the team lead, wherever he is at this time. The team lead is always available to the client. Because the team lead communicates with the customer, receives tasks from him and has the best knowledge about the features of his activities.

The team leader is also responsible for the quality of the work done, rechecks the work, makes reports.

The flexibility of our engineers allows to adapt the work schedule in accordance with the customer acceptable schedule, as well as pay working visits at a convenient time for the customer.

Today, GFE-Solutions continues to do work on ongoing projects and is open to new orders, despite the difficulties connected with the epidemiological processes in the world.

This is possible because of our customer-oriented remote support and a high level of digitalization of communications within the team, which allow to create a comfortable service for our customers.

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