Our Daily Routine

GFE-Solutions is a place where we like to come every day. Our task is to provide high-quality engineering services. It means that we help other companies to make their working process more efficient and better. The working day begins quite similar as in other offices. We come to work in the morning, wish a nice day to colleagues, drink a cup of coffee or tea, and start to work. Each day has certain important events in which employees participate together in teams, groups, or individually.

GFE Solutions Daily routine


In our daily routine, we face various issues. Most of them are tasks that require a nice solution. To achieve high results we use brainstorms. During the brainstorming sessions, participants are encouraged to express as many options as possible to resolve the issue.

As a result, several solutions that are most acceptable for the problem are selected. Then, we evaluate the pros and cons together with the effectiveness of each option. If the discussion process has reached a dead-end or the voices of the disputants are divided equally, we do not hesitate to call the “fresh” heads. We always have a moderator who does not leave the process for a minute. Sometimes employees may be timid and not speak up in time. Such a person helps to monitor the timing, asks leading questions, and lets everyone speak.

Blueprint Checking

In the development of engineering solutions, it is crucial to check blueprints before working on them. It greatly reduces the amount of time and resources that could be used on wrong schemes. Reevaluation of working blueprints helps to find new effective solutions.

GFE Solutions' office

Daily Meeting

Proper communication between workers of the company is important. Every day at 5 pm, we have team meetings. They help to review the whole progress on the projects and other tasks. Teams discuss their plans and what issues they have solved. If there is an important case, which has to be solved, everyone is ready to listen up and to provide ideas. A written report and plan are prepared for such a meeting. The manager adjusts the plan of each employee, sums up the results, and announces the results of the day.

Daily meetings are very helpful in creating proper communication between executives and management positions. Moreover, it allows chefs to have a better understanding of the working process in the company.

Another reason for daily meetings is to coordinate several teams. While working on projects it is necessary to discuss the short-term plans and ways of accomplishing them. Thus, the results are more efficient.

Project Execution Stages

  • Defining a perfect team lead. The best team lead has all the relevant technical skills. Such a person is a strong leader who is also interested and highly motivated in the area of our customer’s activity;
  • Involving qualified engineers. After the first examination, we form a suitable team for each case together with a team lead. Then, we involve released engineers or recruit new team members;
  • Analysis of the customer approach. Here we study all internal and organizational peculiarities in order to fully adapt our working style to the customer needs;
  • Starting remote work. Now we start to work on the project and provide excellent remote service;
  • Increasing number of engineers. Usually, customers want to increase their engineering capacity;
  • Final review. When everything is almost done, we perform a final check-up;
  • Completing the project. After accomplishing all the tasks and projects is finished, we present it to the customer.
GFE Solutions team works

Team Work

In GFE-Solutions every employee is valuable. In the teamwork, we appreciate everyone who is involved. One of the keys to success is to listen to the ideas of every person. Therefore, team members express their thoughts, plans, theories, and presumptions on the matter in order to build up an effective plan for the project.

Cooperation between teams

Employees have to be in good relationships. That increases the desire for cooperation and a healthy working atmosphere. From time to time, members of one team cooperate with others. It helps to build up a positive attitude to everyone in the company.

Experience & skills

Every employee in GFE-Solutions has a combination of knowledge, experience, and skills. Even newcomers always bring their fresh ideas. As everyone in the company has the same goal, teaching others and listening to them is important. Participants of the working process gladly ready to help and learn from others.

As a result, we achieve synergy between our employees. It allows them to work efficiently and effectively accomplish all the tasks.

GFE Solutions' office

Improving Language Skills

A proper understanding of customers is highly important. All the necessary information has to be conveyed both to our company and to the customer. Therefore, foreign language skills improvement of employees is a part of our daily routine. Twice a week each person attends courses on the preferable foreign language. The most popular are English and German.

Language studying does not involve only learning grammar and vocabulary. Our employees practice a lot on communication. It helps to not only improve pronunciation but also to build up confidence. Moreover, the speaking process involves the mental process of combining words to express personal thoughts. It allows learners to start thinking using a foreign language that helps to develop a better understanding of foreign customers and partners.

GFE-Solutions cares about providing employees possibilities for self-development. When there is an initiative from the team, we are ready to help, in order to make their daily routine more comfortable and exciting.

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