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A walk on a motor ship surrounded by colleagues, disembarkation on the island, beach activities and the coziest gatherings with a barbecue at night — what could be better for raising the morale of the team? Recently we have exchanged a cozy office for a harmonious breath of nature and light, relaxing breeze.

Captain Yehor Kozlov

The engineers of our company were finally able to get outside in order to summarize their successes over the previous months and really relax — actively, cheerfully, with a touch of real vacation, in the company of loyal colleagues. That has greatly enhanced the synergy and optimism of our company.

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In a nutshell, it was an unusual picnic. It was a real cruise on a motor ship, In a nutshell, it was an unusual picnic. It was a real cruise on a motor ship, which was rented specially for our friendly team. A journey was followed by a landing on the island — a secluded place conducive to friendly conversations and general fun. Everything was amazing: from volleyball and beach football to barbecues and cozy sunset gatherings with a bottle of wine, with sluggish discussions of work moments, everyday life and tastes in music, cinema.

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This small journey, so fundamental for the team’s morale, strengthened the spirit for the future. After all, a small company is also the ship. The captain of the ship is CEO, Yehor Kozlov, the boatswain is the team lead of engineers, Denis Kosykh. A roll to one side irresistibly evokes the reaction of professional sailors — they straighten the course, just like in real life. Each completed project is a score on the ship’s helm. Each satisfied customer is another visitor to our cruise.

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The team has rested. The team is ready again for new achievements, releases, acquaintances, networking and projects. After such a dizzying cruise, all that can be further is only success, only the right course, without stops and anchors, straight to the heights of the business.

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