The range of our service

GFE Solutions is a company that provides remote engineering services to customers in various fields. Today our customer base is mainly formed from enterprises in the engineering, automotive and metallurgical sectors.

Cooperation can be carried out on a long-term basis or limited to a separate order.

The range of services that we provide includes writing programs for CNC machines of various types, programs for PLCs (programmable logic controllers), design and 3D – modeling, designing of different complexity. We have the necessary knowledges to work in all relevant CAD-Systems, so we can use all services convenient for the consumer.

Our employees are highly qualified, they possess knowledge of foreign languages and adapt to all requirements for work from the customer (from a convenient schedule to the using of company services).

GFE Solutions is focused on cooperation with all countries of the European Union. This is due to the established system of interaction between employees and the customer as part of the remote work.

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