Project Production Costs

Cooperation of our company with the leading German consulting firms began in March.

We use special tool wich allows to evaluate real production costs in the maximal deep level of detalization and define ways of their reductions. Each operation, each step, each chamfer is accounted for and the price is calculated to the nearest cent.

In the projects “Production Costs” we help our customers to make a production calculations, establish production processes and optimize them. All in order to ensure that the business works in a coherent and more efficient manner, saving the production costs.

Studying best practices in production processes and technologies from specialists from Dusseldorf, detailed knowledge of European standards, technological schemes and machines helps GFE Solutions employees to be more effective in working on the tasks of each of the production cases.

Together with our European colleagues, our employees provide European companies with expert cost estimates for the production of a specific product segment. Such assessment contains a number of necessary information: what operations in this area need to be optimized, calculation of how much time and money it will take to complete, what result will be obtained, and so on. Special attention is paid to the issue of minimizing risks in the procurement process and searching for suppliers around the world. If necessary, a brief comparative analysis is also made of the cost of work in different countries, in some cases – and in different enterprises. As a result, the client receives a detailed report on what format is suitable for his business.

All project tasks are carried out by professional staff with excellent engineering knowledge and experience in different fields of engineering. At performance of detailed calculations they use a wide set of the data on business of the client and consider world tendencies in this sphere. Our goal is to successfully improve the work processes at each customer’s company.

Stages of execution

  • Define a perfect team lead

  • Involve qualified engineers

  • Analysis of the customer approach

  • Start remote work

  • Increase number of engineers

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