Project Uhlmann

Project Uhlmann

GFE Solutions began its partnership with Uhlmann at the beginning of 2019.
Today, Uhlmann is a global provider of pharmaceutical packaging systems. The innovative packaging lines, services and digital solutions of this company meet the high quality standards of German industry.
We took over part of the technological processes for creating CNC programs for milling machines on which work parts are manufactured for customer products.

The contract was concluded with us, because we:

• provide quality services;
• offered competitive cost in comparison with other competing companies in the European market of services;
• agreed on the performance of work in the customer service company system;
• comply with all established standards and information processing rules;
• guarantee that the work will be completed on time, despite possible changes in the usual way of life (for example, the coronavirus did not affect the work of our company in any way);
• we can correctly select the composition of the team, for which there is no obstacle in the form of language barriers and lack of qualification skills.

Today, the team lead and programmers are engaged in realization the task. They all speak English, the head also speaks German.

After signing the contract with Uhlmann Group, the team leader has stayed at the customer’s manufacture for more than a month. It was required for a detailed study of all technological processes and production quality standards. Duration of familiarization may vary depending on production needs and the complexity of the task.

After all organizational aspects and acquaintance with the technical base and the customer operational processes in the required volume, our team began to write programs directly at the customer’s data. We are coordinating engineering methods and adapting our programming style to customer methods.

In principle, we use popular software in the niche (Autodesk Inventor HSM, Autodesk Fusion 360, Siemens NX and many other programs). But the skill level of our specialists also allows to master quickly any licensed program that the customer uses and use it in the implementation of the project. The increase in programmer productivity has a positive effect on the speed of production processes in Uhlmann.

Today, we also continue to collaborate remotely and successfully complete the work.

Stages of execution

  • Define a perfect team lead

  • Involve qualified engineers

  • Analysis of the customer approach

  • Start remote work

  • Increase number of engineers

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