Production technologies development

Production technologies development

In the process of creating any object from an idea to its embodiment in a material, a process engineer plays a key role. 

The process engineer is a person inventing new methods and technological processes of material processing to obtain the target product. 

Responsibilities of a process engineer: 

  • Alignment of the requirements of prototype documentation created by the design engineer with production departments; 
  • Development of methods and technological processes for the manufacture of a production item; 
  • Continuous improvement of production methods in order to ensure the lowest cost of the manufactured item. 

Now, in order about each of the features of the work: 

  • Coordination of documentation requirements with the production technical capabilities: 

In an effort to create the most modern product, the design engineer often strives to lay the highest accuracy, durability, etc. parameters in the product requirements. At the design stage, the process engineer must determine the sequence of production actions to create the designed product. In terms of modern conditions of production, the process of developing and coordinating a product design with the realities of production should occur in parallel. Otherwise, it is difficult to avoid the costs of time and finances at the stage of production preparation. 

  • Development of production methods and technological processes: 

Upon receipt of a set of technical documentation for the development of the target product from the design engineer, the engineer-technologist proceeds to the implementation of the main stages of the production technological preparation. In processing these works, the process engineer is obliged to explain in an easy and accessible form, by what means the production of the required object should be carried out. It is important to observe the invariable rule: unconditional provision of the requirements included in the design documentation by means of available resources at the lowest possible manufacturing cost. 

  • Continuous improvement of production methods. 

Nothing stands still, including engineering and technology, as there is no limit to perfection. That is why the process engineer must be constantly looking for effective solutions to optimize production. Search for the most optimal solution for the implementation of the manufacturing process of all new developments, as well as the improvement of existing production processes. As noted above, the goal of any production is to produce more, better and cheaper. These tasks should be set by any process engineer. To provide production with the most optimal solutions for the technological processes of production where he works. 

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