Strength Analysis Calculations as a Precise Key to a Masterpiece Work

Precise analytical engineering comes to be an acute aspect in a case the complex project development. One involves a structural analysis of each individual component and the entire structure as a whole.

Correct technical parameter computation is especially important while designing equipment parts or complexes. Both cases, product complexity compression to a technically safe and functional level positively affects its cost in terms of material savings.

To conduct strength calculations — a key parameter determining the material cost and design features of the future product shape — a completely separate class of engineering specialists is required.  

Strength Engineers use all their vast experience and the entire breadth of technical mechanics, materials, geometry, and even architecture knowledge base to build the most functional and reliable product, parts, and entire complex project designs.

The Professional Strength Engineer Work Specifics

Nowadays, engineers use highly specialized licensed software. Due to the construction complexity of certain diagram types or providing a strength calculation directly on the designs and parts blueprints, such software is a completely separate area of the engineering arsenal.  

Professional strength expert’s specialization allows taking a completely new look at the preliminary calculations of production and construction. Thanks to the masterful work of such specialists, each manufacturer may apply the famous «Rockefeller formula» when saving on one rivet or a couple of millimeters of material save millions on an industrial scale.

Expert calculations of structural strength, presented in several versions, depending on the shape and material of the part, are extremely voluminous and require plug-ins to complement engineering programs.

Services included in the professional strength engineer portfolio:

  •     Dlubal RFEM 5;
  •     ANSYS;
  •     NX Nastran;
  •     Robot Structural Analysis;
  •     Static and Seismic Calculations, according to European Standards: EN1990; EN1991, EN1993, EN1998.

Industrial Strength Analysis

Structural strength analysis of production is extremely important, taking into account the basis of product parameters and economic reasons. Professional strength analysis includes:

# Static and dynamic loads calculation;
  Material calculation. For many designs, significant material savings are possible through changing certain parts shape;
  Selection of equipment and tools (cutting, auxiliary), mounting (fastening fixtures) with recommendations for the most beneficial and reliable suppliers.
  Determination of optimal and maximum deflections. The correct calculation makes possible to significantly increase parts reliability in case of extreme loads;
  Integration of calculations in the product design schemes. Due to the specialized software usage, strength analysis specialists create complex projects, applicable for direct integration into production immediately after approval;
  Production schemes and projects algorithmization. Due to the use of the latest engineering software, the client receives a flexible project, convenient for further editing, and making adjustments;
  Material fatigue calculation. Innovative solutions in the program analysis of the reliability and behavior of materials due to specified time periods provide wide opportunities for calculating the warranty periods. This is an indisputable advantage, guaranteeing your customers information on the exact operating dates, which positively affects the company’s reputation as a reliable and professional manufacturer.

Outsource Ukrainian Strength Engineers Advantages

Ukrainian engineers are extremely demandable in the world. The work price is much lower than European colleagues and specialists from other world countries. Additionally, due to the high level of education and specialized training, Ukrainian engineers show the highest class in the design of complex industrial equipment systems. Particularly — the strength calculation and structure reliability.  

Many years of experience in working with outdated post-USSR equipment and the use of it as efficiently as possible provide unique perspectives for applying such unique skills in the design and calculation of innovative and most advanced parts and entire equipment complexes.

The main outsourcing strength engineers advantages:

GFE-Solutions’ specialists have a considerable expert evaluation potential and experience in some industrial niches up to 15 years that guarantees high precision and reliability in operation with profile equipment and fittings. Besides, due to the process with GFE-Solutions, the business gets:

Outsourcing is the predominant type of top Ukrainian engineer employment in terms of worldwide economic crisis. Industrialists aren’t longer required to accompany full-time specialists, requiring large business trips expenses;
Based on the considerations of design process official support and further project approval, outsourcing specialists have undeniable advantages. Due to work for private agencies or for themselves, outsourcing engineers ain’t supposed to pay taxes for hiring additional qualified personnel. As a result, this leads to a significant cost reduction of designing and developing new types of parts and equipment;
Highly qualified outsourcing specialists provided with the necessary minimum for communication within the foreign company — most specialists speak technical German, and conversational English, which is enough discussing projects of high complexity — each specialist employed in our company has all the necessary communication skills;
Training flexibility — thanks to specialized skills, our company’s engineers are able to quickly handle any software applied. It provides undeniable advantages for working in a wide range of tasks and engaging in a large number of processes, regardless of the type of software and other development tools.

Our company provides unique opportunities for qualitative and highly specialized parts and complexes design due to the most accurate strength and reliability calculation of each part, assembly, or component.

Contact our specialists, and you are guaranteed to get the highest level of service and design support at all stages — from the first drawings to the stage of approval and production launch.  

Our proven professionalism — your guaranteed reputation.