Artem Margarian

Design Engineer

8, Piękna,Warsaw, Poland 00-682


It's like clockwork.

Artem had a choice between music or engineering. And thank God, he chose a technical profession, because now he is a part of our GFE team.Artem studied at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. He has the Invention Patent № UA 119734 C2, utility model patent № UA 114591 U. And also Test DAF Niveau 3 (B2.1), IELTS 6,0 (B2).

However, from the age of 4 he was singing in the choir at the practice section of National Academy of Music of Ukraine Tchaikovsky. In addition he has musical education in piano class.

Since 9 years, Artem has traveled with the choir through Europe, and now he continues to do it with GFE already as an engineer.Besides Artem likes reading, listens to rock music, rides a bike, does sports and cares about ecology.

Also Artem is the person who communicates fluently in German and English and continues to play piano and guitar as a hobby.As we said before, GFE team members are incredibly interesting and multifaceted personalities. So let’s get to know each other.