Denys Kosykh

Chief Technical Officer
201/203, Kharkivske shose, Kyiv
He works as quickly and deftly as he rides a bike.

Denys studied at Priazovsky State Technical University. Took second place in the All-Ukrainian olympiad on machine tools and systems. Received an honours degree in engineering. Has a patent for utility model.

Spearheaded the design of the new Sherp all-terrain vehicle. He has attended the largest trade fair for Mechanical Engineering in Hanover. His major area of work is design engineering.

Denys has been in the GFE team since the beginning of the company.

Just as much as his job, Denys loves cycling. 200 km in a weekend? Easy. Great physical shape, active lifestyle and travelling help him always keep up with the pace of the world. Denys also likes board games, hiking and heavy music, especially artists of Norwegian origin.