Dominik Nowakowski

CAD Team Lead
68, Piękna, Warsaw, Poland

Please meet Dominik Nowakowski, our CAD Team Lead with a Master’s from Warsaw University of Technology in Computer Aided Machine Design. Dominik’s career began in design bureaus, mastering everything from robotics to sheet metal processing. His hands-on experience in workshops has shaped him into an innovative engineer, introducing new solutions in machine development.
Beyond engineering, Dominik’s life is rich with hobbies. He enjoys cycling with his family, building Legos, diving into the world of perfumes, and has a deep fascination with space, aeronautics, and psychology. Dreaming of flying, he aims to obtain a sailplane license. Currently, he explores the world through the lens of analog photography, embracing the art of capturing and developing film in his self-built darkroom.
Dominik embodies a unique blend of technical brilliance and creative exploration.