Delivering excellence in outsourcing services

6 mins.

April, 2 2024

At GFE Solutions, we take pride in providing comprehensive engineering services that cover every aspect of a project, from design to delivery.

Our partnership with Schauenburg recently highlighted this commitment. The task at hand was both a privilege and a challenge: to design a centrifuge container that not only meets the functional requirements of Schauenburg but also aligns with their stringent regulatory standards. However, our responsibilities extended beyond the realms of design. We were entrusted with overseeing the fabrication process, which was outsourced to another contractor, to ensure that the final product was nothing short of perfection.

Understanding the criticality of this project, we went above and beyond by conducting an on-site quality verification process before the final shipment was approved. This wasn’t a mere formality but a deep-dive into the heart of the project, scrutinizing every weld, every cut, and every finish with an expert eye. Our team, equipped with years of experience and a profound understanding of engineering principles, meticulously reviewed the assembly, ensuring that each component was fabricated to the highest standards.

To bring transparency to our process and provide Schauenburg with undeniable assurance of our dedication, we compiled an extensive photo report. This document detailed every step of our quality verification journey, from initial assessments to final approvals.

This project with Schauenburg is a testament to our dedication to not just meet but exceed the industry standards.


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