Interview with Daniel Ilge

5 mins.

June 28, 2022

Daniel Ilge, Head of Technology and Product Management at WALDRICH COBURG shares his experience of cooperation with GFE-Solutions

Q: For what issue did you come to us?

Daniel Ilge answer:
I wanted to implement an international engineering partner who could support my application team with multiple services in the project business for very large machine tools and complex machining processes.

Q: Why did you choose to work with us, what makes our offer stand out among our competitors?

Daniel Ilge answer:
GFE’s mindset is impressive, their references were excellent but the key fact was: they were able to offer a full line of support from mechanical engineering, software engineering, NC programming and worldwide on-site commissioning.

Q: What did you appreciate the most about working with us?

Daniel Ilge answer:
I really appreciate your flexibility and openness for new challenges. You are not afraid to start a new journey.

Q: How quickly did our team respond to your question or concern?

Daniel Ilge answer:
They usually respond immediately, regardless of office times.

Q: Were your expectations of working with us justified?

Daniel Ilge answer: Yes they were. If I think about the external circumstances of the project we started together, we reached a learning curve and related results that I did not expect personally.

Q: Was there anything you would like to change in our collaboration?

Daniel Ilge answer:
I would like to intensivate.

Q: In your opinion, what services or functions are lacking in GFE?

Daniel Ilge answer:
There is not the service that is missing, it’s just a need for some more experience with our very special business. It’s just a question of time.


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