Interview with Thomas Wedemeyer

6 mins.

September 15, 2022

Thomas Wedemeyer, CEO of ETT Verpackungstechnik GmbH had the opportunity to evaluate the cooperation with GFE Solutions
Q: For what issue did you come to us?
Thomas Wedemeyer is answer:
In our search for a reliable partner to expand capacity in our design department, we have already made several attempts and, with the help of the well-trained employees of GFE, have established fast, uncomplicated and high-quality support. With the help of GFE, we can absorb workload peaks and thus secure the construction deadlines.
Q: Why did you choose to work with us, what makes our offer stand out among our competitors?
Thomas Wedemeyer is answer:
GFE is a reliable partner that implements the specified requirements quickly and competently. Compared to the competitors, the implementation is uncomplicated and through the use of modern remote access to our systems, the integrations of the GFE employees were implemented safely and efficiently.
Q: What did you appreciate the most about working with us?
Thomas Wedemeyer is answer:
What we appreciate most about the cooperation with GFE is the reliability, the agreements made are implemented quickly and consistently and the work results are good.
Q: How quickly did our team respond to your question or concern?
Thomas Wedemeyer is answer:
GFE is very fast in processing the tasks, prioritized work packages are processed within a few days, and if necessary also over the weekend.
Q: Were your expectations of working with us justified?
Thomas Wedemeyer is answer:
GFE has fully met our expectations and exceeded them in some areas.
Q: Was there anything you would like to change in our collaboration, what to improve?
Thomas Wedemeyer is answer:
We are very satisfied with the way we have worked together with GFE and the way it has been implemented, and we would not want to change anything.
Q: In your opinion, what services or functions are lacking in GFE?
Thomas Wedemeyer is answer:
We did not miss any services for our requirements. If possible, it would be helpful for us if programmers for programming robots and programmable logic controllers (Siemens PLC) were offered in addition to design.


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