Kyiv is a European city that is definitely worth a visit

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February 3, 2022

An asteroid, the deepest underground station, secret passages and a museum of miniatures.
Kyiv is a European city that is definitely worth a visit. And not only because our GFE office is there 😉
Kyiv has a population of 2,954,300 and a land area of 835.58km. Thousands of students from all over the world come to Kyiv every year, as Ukrainian education is considered to be of a very high level, especially in technical fields.
As of 2020, Kyiv has 1199 buildings over 35 meters tall which is the highest number of skyscrapers among European cities.
The asteroid “Kyiv 2171” was also named after the city. So you won’t be wrong about the final location if you set your navigation device to Kyiv 😉
One of the most popular songs in the world is “Summertime”, written by George Gershwin, who was inspired by the lullaby “The Dream Passes by the Windows” performed by the National Ukrainian Choir.
The Kyiv underground station “Arsenalna” is today considered to be the deepest underground station in the world – 105 meters below ground. The station was built in the early 60s near the Parliament building. It is said that there are secret passages in the tunnels near the underground station “Arsenalna”.
Kyiv has two international passenger airports: “Boryspil” Airport, located 30km (19 miles) outside the city, and the smaller «Kyiv» Airport on the southern city’s outskirts. There is also a “Gostomel” cargo airport.
We will be very glad to see you in Kyiv 😉


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