Ukrainian Engineers: Stepan Timoshenko

6 mins.

November 9, 2021

For a long time the influence of the Ukrainian’s ideas was so powerful that engineers among themselves called those years the “Timoshenko era”. At the age of 28 he had already headed the department of strength of materials at National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’​ , and when he was 33 several generations of engineers throughout the world were trained according to his textbooks.
Stepan Timoshenko was a Ukrainian, American and German scientist in the mechanical sciences. He is the father of theoretical mechanics. He was one of the founders and first academicians of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. He is the author of the famous theory of beams.
Given the latest achievements of science and technology, he performed fundamental research on strength of materials, applied elasticity theory and vibration theory, which was ahead of its time and found its full practical application in modern aerospace engineering, engineering structures and shipbuilding.
In 1927, Stepan Timoshenko became the head of the research department at the University of Michigan
In 1936, he moved to Palo Alto, where he was invited by the administration of Stanford University to head the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
On the Stanford University website, Stepan Timoshenko proudly bears the title “engineering hero” next to his name
We are proud that our fellow countryman has made such a massive contribution to mechanics.


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