Project Details

Project start date: 02/2020
Project launch time, months: 3
Number of completed tasks: 180
Number of flights: 3


  • Autodesk Autocad
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Autodesk Vault
  • SolidWorks


ETT Verpackungstechnik GmbH

End-of-line-packing under control
From the concept through to the commissioning: ETT covers all aspects of the packing technology

Almost every product requires an individual solution when it comes to the end-of-line-packing. In this instance ETT Verpackungstechnik is the right partner! The machinery manufacturer from Fredelsloh ensures that from the concept, design, build, programming and testing, everything can be achieved under one roof– this is a perfect environment for the manufacture of high quality packaging solutions.

The expert knowledge and personal commitment characterises the ETT team in Fredelsloh. More than 200 employees are committed to make sure the customer receives the best possible result – based on the latest technologies available. One of our strengths: all areas of expertise required to produce high quality systems can be found within ETT’s factory.

Manufacturing in houseOn the computer our design engineers put the customers’ requests into graphical drawings and animations. This is extremely crucial to assist our production teams with the individual parts manufacture and then the final mounting of the parts to the machine. Following the assembly, the IT-experts start to program the system, after which the first test runs can be made. After everything runs perfectly, the customer is invited to the factory acceptance test. ETT technicians will then install and commission the system at the customer factory, promptly and reliably.

Involved Specialties

Stage of execution

Define a perfect team lead

The best team lead has all the relevant technical skills. He is a strong leader, who is also interested and highly motivated in the area of our customer’s activity.

Involve qualified engineers

After the first examination, we form a suitable team for each case together with the team lead. We involve released engineers or recruit new team members.

Analysis of the customer approach

Here we study all internal technical and organizational peculiarities in order to fully adapt our working style to the customer

Start remote work

Now we are able to offer an excellent remote service

Increase number of engineers

Usually customers want to increase the engineering capacity