From industrial climbing to engineering.

Yehor Kozlov is the founder of GFE-Solutions and the person who can be listened for hours. He is irradiating such energy and motivation, that appeares the wish to take up a pencil (in our case sit down at the computer) and create.

Yehor has exhausted many professions, whether it was related to engineering and not. Perhaps this is what led him to create his own company, in which he put all this diversified experience.

"My mentor used to draw on a drafting machine and kept a pen clipped to his pocket. Moreover it was at that times while everyone had been working on computers for a long time. He screamed a lot, but had his own clear position, for which he was fired. Well, I quit this job with him," Yehor recalls with a smile.

Yehor projected factories, his sketches turned into huge structures, he had been designing in the evacuation zone, and today he works in the dream company. On this reason he created it like it is together with team of likeminded people who are burning for this work.

Because engineering first of all is not compounded of grey charts, but people who make them.

CEO Yehor Kozlov