Production technologies development

Production technologies development is a scope of services for creating methods for products manufacturing and integration into the activity of industrial and production enterprises.

GFE-Solutions Company deals with not only the development of new technological solutions but the modernization of those already used in certain products. We keep pace with the world scientific and technical progress rates, continuously improving skills and knowledge in the field of economic efficiency and environmental safety of production methods.  

Our specialists, including technical, design, mechanical and electric engineers, have a professional experience from 5 up to 15 years in the development of complex technological solutions for mechanical engineering, automobile and metallurgical enterprises. Their activity covers the following range of services: from the technical and economic grounding of the necessity to use those or other methods before testing and then – introduction into the operational process. 

Production technologies development system from GFE-Solutions includes:

GFE-Solutions’ specialists have a considerable expert evaluation potential and experience in some industrial niches up to 15 years that guarantees high precision and reliability in operation with profile equipment and fittings. Besides, due to the process with GFE-Solutions, the business gets:

Having entrusted us the work with industrial expense items, you will develop their optimization plan, following which you can reduce expenditures for raw and materials, specialists’ operation, production maintenance by 50%, simultaneously keeping the efficiency of processes.
Using the system approach Design for Manufacturing, you may predict the production cost of a particular product at the designing stage, when only rough shape and dimensions are known. Using DFM methods, one can reduce the production operations number and minimize the number of standard components and materials used for the manufacturing of the product.
Within the framework of the service you will get: a list of recommendations for selection of optimal equipment meeting the needs and purposes of production, calculation of loads on engineering networks and resources consumption, object budget, which permits to represent future expenses for shop equipment. Developed recommendations allow us to prepare for making expertise in advance, to avoid problems with erection of the equipment and distribution of powers.
Having ordered this service, you will get expert help at different development stages of production activity: from the creation of the project concept ending with the output of the product.
Designers will develop prototypes for you within the shortest terms; at that, together with them, you will follow the way from the creation of a 3D model until its testing and begin mass production.

In such a way, GFE-Solutions company will help you not only to improve the existing technologies and processes but to prepare for the beginning of their production thoroughly, first global market entry.

Guaranteed unique benefits for industrial enterprises in cooperation with GFE-Solutions:

  • Reduction of production expenses, on average, by 37%, for procurement of raw material, main, auxiliary, other materials and components by the transition to waste-free production.
  • Increase in labour productivity of staff involved in the enterprise’s operational model, at least by 28%, by equipping the shops with modern technologies
  • Labour safety rise, on average, by 16%  for the achievement of the production activity purposes, compensating toxic conditions by the introduction of special equipment;
  • Reduction of environmental impact by 4.5%, having prevented emissions of harmful substances in the environment through modernization of technological processes;  
  • Income rise by at least 36% by rising quality of products with minimum expenses and a limited amount of operations for its output.  

In such a way, you will be able to bring the enterprise to the new level – just optimal scheme for operation with resources and economic strategy of the production must be selected from proposals offered by GFE-Solutions. 

Why GFE-Solutions: 5 competitive benefits 

  1. Exactly your narrow specialization. We collaborate with enterprises from different countries and industrial branches: mechanical engineering, automobile production, metallurgy. Among our constant clients are mid-size, large companies from Germany and other EU countries interested in the introduction of efficient production technologies. Due to this, we have the necessary expert estimation to find the best product solutions for your company.
  2. Beneficial conditions. We work on outsourcing terms under the flexible schedule, adapt our plan according to your deadlines. We are ready to relieve you from hiring the engineering department at the enterprise and reduce expenses for staff records management by 75% - we select specialists on our own for settlement of your goals.
  3. High qualification. Our experts can be entrusted to develop business. Their experience varies from 5 until 15 years and permits to master design and engineering software of any complexity within the shortest terms. The team consists of not only engineers but of analytics, designers, testers, seismologists involved in specific tasks.
  4. Technical awareness. We track the achievements of scientific and technological progress and use them when developing the projects:
    • Design using the SW: Autodesk Inventor, Solid Works, CATIA, Creo Parametric;
    • Test structures for strength:: ANSYS, NX Nastran, Robot Structural Analysis;
    • Program CNC machines: Autodesk HSM, Solid CAM, Siemens NX;
    • Design PLC programs: Siemens S7 / Schneider, TIA Portal / SCADA.
  5. Confidentiality. Having concluded a contract with GFE-Solutions, you can be sure that your personal information in safe hands. We work under European directives that regulate data protection: 95/46/ЕС, 2002/58/ЕС and ETS 108, ETS 181, ETS 185, ETS 189.
60% reducing expenses.
60% Complete (success)

Almost 60% of enterprises prefer outsourcing services to reduce expenses. For example, cooperation with GFE-Solutions is the key to the success of business in the existing conditions. You will be able to work in home-office, not stopping the working process because of quarantine restrictions.  We are also not related to the main office in Kyiv. For this reason, we are always ready to go where our support is needed.

Large German manufacturers prefer collaborating with our engineers due to their high competence, knowledge of different languages and free price list. Following data of analytical agency EBA, Ukrainian IT specialists and engineers are distinguished in the EU outsourcing market by the quality of services and affordable price!

Get acquainted with the best projects of GFE-Solutions and inspire for cooperation!