Design Engineering Support

In the process of design engineering support, the company fulfills the following procedures:

Design-engineering support is the service, which purpose is to provide technical support at all stages of designing, adjustment and manufacture of complex units, parts and mechanisms in engineering products. GFE-Solutions is a сompany wich provides full-scale design support: from pre-design support, including technical and economic grounding and development of a plan for the production of one or another unit, until control of conformity to the design requirements and giving expert consultations.

Narrowly focused specialists of GFE-Solutions can provide support for the whole design and development department at product development stages, starting from prototype creation and ending with dispatch for production.

Having concluded a contract with GFE-Solutions, you will be able to integrate advanced technologies, modern design, engineering tools in business activity.

Our team comprises engineers of different profiles: mechanical, electric and technical engineers, testing and production specialists. The essential expertise of the group is the development of complex units for electrical mechanical, instrumental and plastic engineering and metallurgy when creating prototypes, supporting and automation of production activity, the introduction of new technologies, including modern software.


In the process of design engineering support, the company fulfils the following procedures:


Creation of 3D models. Thanks to the reduction of the design term using of practical 3D tools, you can accelerate the product launching process by 50%. Besides, three-dimensional models given to us will be suitable for you in future – they are convenient for making presentations, participation in tenders and competitions.


Reverse engineering. In the process of reverse engineering, you will be able to restore the lost design documentation completely, which is necessary for manufacturing and modelling of the product you are interested in. Restoration, but not building from scratch, allows preserving from 10% up to 30% of project budget, which the company may redirect for other business tasks.


Documentation development. As a result of the development of new design and technical documentation, you will get all necessary assemblies and parts drawings, specifications, including accompanying instructions. Availability of the full package with initial electronic data permits to modernize and improve products two times faster and to simplify the project reconciliation process between subcontractors.


Selection and calculation of material costs. Optimal selection of design components and precise analysis of the budget cost estimate permit saving up to 32% of the budget due to avoidance of technical collisions and additional expenses for the lost (rejected) share of materials


Establishment of libraries. Let us work with a list of specific and standardized parts. In several days you will get a personal library, where all units most frequently used in your production will be located under a suitable procedure. In future, it will simplify the drawing making process by your engineering department.


Operation with parametric elements. You will be able to keep and repeatedly use structural elements designed by us in other projects. It allows accelerating projects reconciliation at least by 17% and decreasing human factor errors almost by 90% due to the single internal standard.

During design engineering support, GFE-Solutions Company can help the producer to master the manufacturing of new products (from prototypes and developmental prototypes to large batches), as well as their improvement and modernization. For example, you can be sure that cooperation with GFE-Solutions will assist in realizing any design ideas with minimum expenses and within the shortest terms.

At that, we encourage your direct participation in the design engineering works since the date of the contract conclusion and receipt of the finished product: making corrections, provision of new information about the design object, testing of developmental prototypes. The full scope of services for industrial companies you can see here.

We collaborate with various enterprises, irrespective of scales of business, industrial branch and geographical location. As our specialists know four languages, our team can immerse into the company’s business processes directly with the site visit.

Our experience allows providing not only technical support, but performing the whole scope of design and engineering works in outsourcing. Due to it we can keep the design and engineering department of our own, pay leave allowances and business trips of every employee. Besides, you can work in home-office that is critical in terms of quarantine.

Our team consists of specialists with 5 – 15 years-long experience in design services rendering for the industrial sector. Considering the specific nature of home-office work, we ensure efficiency even higher than an involved in-office employee.

Our specialists use modern software tools for modelling, analysis, forecasting and making calculations depending on the specific nature of tasks:

  • Design engineering: Autodesk Inventor, Solid Works, CATIA, Creo Parametric;
  • PDM system for integration into the customer’s setting and control of progress 24/7: Autodesk Vault, Solidworks PDM, PTC Windchill;
  • Seismic and static calculation: ANSYS, Dlubal RFEM, NX Nastran, Robot Structural Analysis;
  • CNC programming: Autodesk HSM, Solid CAM, Siemens NX;
  • Programming of industrial controllers: Siemens S7/Schneider, TIA Portal/SCADA.

Save up to 75% of the budget on design engineering support.

Besides, cooperation with engineering specialists in the outsource releases the company from delays in project start-up because of bureaucratic barriers: overtime, state holidays, trade unions. We are sure that it is vital for tour business in terms of not only quarantine restrictions, of business transition in the digital era.

Besides, depending on the customer’s profile, our team is ready to work using customized IT solutions designed especially for your company.

Except for the advantages described above, due to remote interaction and Ukrainian origin of engineers, cooperation with GFE-Solutions permits you to save up to 75% of the budget for design engineering support. For instance, according to data of outsourcing company Deloitte, 59% of enterprises choose outsourcing to save money and reduces expenses, including the hiring of full-time employees.

Due to our experience and competence, you can make sure personally and – watch a list of realized projects and estimate our clients’ responses right now!

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Our company produces safety-relevant welding assemblies for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Due to the fact that it has become increasingly difficult to find good engineers and designers for our design department at our location in rural Münsterland, we set out at the end of 2018 to look for new external solutions in the service market.


Christian Menke

CEO V. KRANZ GmbH, Dülmen

I really appreciate GFE’s flexibility and openness for new challenges. They are not afraid to start a new journey.
If I think about the external circumstances of the project we started together, we reached a learning curve and relating results that I did personally not expect.

Daniel Ilge

Head of Technology & Product Management at WALDRICH COBURG GmbH

GFE is a reliable partner that implements the specified requirements quickly and competently. Compared to the competitors, the implementation is uncomplicated and through the use of modern remote access to our systems, the integrations of the GFE employees were implemented safely and efficiently.

Thomas Wedemeyer

CEO ETT Verpackungstechnik GmbH

We required additional capacity and professional support for our R&D Team especially for a new product development.

And GFE Solutions offers capable support by very well-educated engineers. High professionalism. On time delivery and great communication (native German speakers).

Frank Pfister

CEO of CVS engineering GmbH

We are the company in constant need for plants for research or pilot projects of our clients. Last year we were working over the order in the field of medical technologies, which we succeeded to realize, including thanks to effor..

Dr. Thomas Bauer

Chief operating officer and member of the Board of DIENES Apparatebau GmbH

We were in need of help with our design department ressources and we had to move fast, internal ressources were not available and GFE was able to help quickly and competent. GFE works with dedication to the very needs of its c..

Sebastian Schuelke

Managing Director at SICON GmbH