Ukrainian Engineers: Anatoliy Kokush

6 mins.

September 14, 2021

Would the cars in “The Fast and Furious” have driven and would the famous “Titanic” have sunk so spectacularly if not for Anatoliy Kokush?
Ukrainian who has won two American Academy Awards for engineering and technology (Scientific and Technical Academy Award).
Anatoliy Kokush is a Ukrainian engineer in the field of film technology, the founder and head of Filmotechnic, which, by the way, is registered in Ukraine, so all taxes go to his native country (for which we are very grateful).
Anatoly has developed
– gyrostabilized operator crane “Autorobot” and “U-crane”;
– “Cascade” series operator cranes;
– “Flight Head” stabilised operator systems
Anatoliy Kokush’s equipment has been used to shoot many famous films:
The Fast Saga, Titanicmovie, War of the Worlds, Batman, Mission: Impossible, X-Men Movies, Avatar, Jurassic World, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Bourne, The Hobbit, Avengers and other famous films.
We desperately want the whole world to know about the inventions of Ukrainian engineers like Anatoliy Kokush.
For who knows, without their achievements, will it be possible to summon Batman, will Mr. and Mrs. Smith be able to do their spy tricks, will Harry Potter be able to overcome He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?


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