PLC programming, commissioning

PLC programming

Nowadays, most European companies are going through hard times. As a result of the crisis, working conditions have been reviewed at many enterprises, and now remote work is already the norm. In this regard, the services of Ukrainian engineers have become more relevant, competitive and in demand. 

GFE-Solutions is a company that provides qualitative engineering services remotely. Our customers from Germany have repeatedly appreciated the advantages of working with us. 

What is a PLC? 

In the past, people worked on development of logical control systems based solely on the operation of electromagnetic relays. Today, in most enterprises this technology has been substituted by programmable logic controllers. 

The basis of the PLC consist of four sequentially executed cycles: 

  1. Inputs polling; 
  1. Execution of a user-defined program; 
  1. Setting the outputs values; 
  1. Executing several auxiliary operations. 

When programming a PLC device, developers take into account the place of its physical location. At the industrial enterprise there is a considerable amount of equipment that generates electrical noise, which imposes certain restrictions. Suppression of extraneous signals is performed by the bandpass filtering of the ADC. 

Advantages of Programmable Logic Controllers 

PLCs differ by: 

  • simple and convenient creation of technological programs; 
  • the ability to change the working control program without interfering with the system itself; 
  • simple and inexpensive maintenance; 
  • increased reliability and lower cost in comparison with relay analogs. 

Programmable logic controllers are also popular due to their fault tolerance. These microprocessors can operate in an industrial environment for many years. They have a fairly high margin of resistance to electrostatic charges, electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. In addition, PLCs have up to several hundred input and output connectors to enhance integration. 

Features of providing PLC services from GFE-Solutions 

Stages of cooperation with us 

Cooperation fulfills in the following order: 

  1. After agreeing on the Technical Requirements, you send us a scheme and description. 
  1. Our specialist develops control programs for drives, controllers, sensors, and other machinery or electronics that support the operation of the machine. 
  1. A GFE-Solutions employee gets on a plane and sets off for the facility. Then, the employee performs the installation of electronics, as well as the launch and commissioning of the machine at the customer’s site in accordance with the developed programs. 

A specialist from our company remains at the facility until everything works as planned. A thorough performance check and troubleshooting are performed. This is one of the main advantages of GFE-Solutions.

Our company always takes into account the wishes of customers, so the services can be provided in a different, more convenient for you way.

Used hardware and software 

To build automation systems, we use high-quality programmable controllers Siemens S7 and Schneider. In the development and maintenance of various systems in real time, we use the SCADA software package, in the integrated development environment TIA Portal. 

Why choose us? 

We work mainly with customers from the engineering field, but we are ready to cooperate with representatives of any industry. 

Advantages of cooperation with our company: 

  • no need to pay vacations; 
  • no tax deductions and other social costs; 
  • each GFE-Solutions engineer speaks English (some experts also know German); 
  • rapid development of software – two weeks are enough to our employees to master any engineering software used at the customer’s enterprise. 
  • flexibility and mobility — our employees are always ready to take a plane to a specified place, at a specified time; 
  • no expenses for the maintenance of the workplace. 

The competence of GFE-Solutions is confirmed by the positive feedback from our customers.

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