Olesia Suprunenko

Head of Recruitment and Qualification
201/203, Kharkivske shose, Kyiv
Head of Recruitment and Qualification She loves flowers and people.

She is the reason why we have such a great and professional team at GFE.

Olesia Suprunenko is Head of Recruitment and Qualification. Actually, it is a challenge to find employees with a combination of high technical skills in engineering, knowledge of foreign languages, ability to communicate and great motivation to work. But as you can see, Olesia copes with this task unsurpassed

Olesia studied at the National Transport University. She has been in the GFE team since the very beginning and has become really indispensable.
Also, Olesia has a very interesting hobby – floristics and landscape design. She also does yoga. Isn’t that the reason for her flexibility in her work as well? ;)
It’s not technology that changes the world, but the people who create it. And thanks to Olesia, we have such people!